*Petite Rising Stars

(Young Children’s Division)

Broadway Babies (Ages 2 to 3) (30 minutes)

Dance with your tiny dancer! This class is for the little ones not quite ready for a more structured class.  Movement and gesture are key components to a physical, vocal and social development which encourages them to connect, explore and communicate. This class encourage your toddler to develop loco motor and cognitive skills while a teacher leads activities in a safe and fun environment! *Parent participation not required.

“Little Stars I” (Ages 3 to 4) (45 minutes)

Pre-ballet, tap, and tumbling.  This class introduces each style of dance, instilling technique that will serve as your child’s foundation for the next decade.  We establish teacher/student relationships, a pattern of following directions and taking instruction.

“Little Stars II & III” (Ages 3 to 4 and 5 & 6) (1-1 1/2)

Little Stars is a more advanced program of pre-ballet, tap and tumbling. This class develops rhythm, creative ability, motor skills and coordination in addition to introducing the basic dance techniques. Little Stars III adds the excitement of jazz to the curriculum!

*Main Division

Star Combination: (Ages 6 to 8: 1ST grade and up) (1-1/2 hours )
Classes in ballet, tap, and jazz are offered to students 6 to 8 years of age.  These weekly 1-1/2 hours classes develop a good foundation that enables the students to progress and become more proficient in all phases of dance before they reach the Intermediate level.

Shooting Star Combination: (Ages 9 and up)
The combination classes include 1 hour of ballet and 45 minutes each of tap and jazz.   These classes are offered to further develop a child’s skills and training.

"We encourage our students to take a combination
of ballet technique, tap technique and jazz technique,
as we feel it builds a strong dance foundation!"

*Single Subject Division

Ballet Technique: Our studio is affiliated with the American Academy of Ballet in New York City.  We offer a graded system of training, starting with Level 1 thru Level 12.  All students of the Ballet Program will participate in the American Academy of Ballet Performance Awards at the end of the dance year.

Leaps & Turns Class
Strengthening and correcting technique in order to leap higher, turn faster and increase the number of turns.

Contemporary/Lyrical: is a style of dance that incorporates elements of ballet, jazz and modern dance.  Solid ballet technique is combined with soft expression to create a fluid style.  This class must accompany a regular ballet class.

"Our studio is a place of learning, much like that of an academic school.
 Self discipline, paying attention and knowing the work each week are 
just a few of the requirements for a good learning experience!"

Jazz Technique: (Ages 6 and up) is offered to students  with prior dance training.  Students are separated into classes by ability and level.  This phase develops body strength, flexibility and coordination in addition to various styles and techniques of the dance.

Tap Technique: (Ages 6 and up) Develops concentration, rhythm, coordination, speed and a broad knowledge of standard tap technique.

Hip Hop/Funk: (Ages 3 and up) This class is very upbeat and hot and a lot of fun!!!  Offered to kids of all ages!!!  Come “Catch the latest beat on the street!”

Boys Hip Hop: is ‘JUST FOR GUYS’!!!

Acrobatic/Stretch Class: (Ages 3* and up) (45 min-1hour)
The focus of this class is on strength, flexibility, conditioning and tumbling. *Tumble Tots Acrobatics is for preschoolers ages 3 to 5. Class is 30 minutes.


*Intensive Division

(Ages 5 and up)

This division of the James Dance and Performing Arts Center includes performance groups, a competition team and a ballet company.  Students enter this program when they express desire and are physically able, technically qualified, and dedicated to pursuing a rigorous course of study.  The level of training taught in the Intensive Division prepares serious students for a professional career in dance, whether it be on stage or behind-the-scenes.  Ages, classes, and subjects vary greatly, as does dance training at different schools other than the James Dance and Performing Arts Center.  Class placement will be determined by the Center’s directors and teacher(s) recommendation and not by the child’s age, years of study nor the student’s parents/guardians.  Students will also have the opportunity to study with many of America’s leading dance educators at special workshops and master classes.  Programs and class schedules are determined and designed for the individual student’s needs and may vary.  

Dancers must study all subjects within the Dance Department.  Schedule includes all subjects and workshop classes with a minimum of 2 ballet classes weekly for the younger Intensive Division students and 3 ballet/pointe classes weekly for the older Intensive Division students. 

Schedules are as follows:
       Ages 5 to 9        4 to 5 hours weekly        2 to 3 days weekly
       Ages 9 to 12      5 to 7 hours weekly        2 to 4 days weekly
       Ages 12 & up     5 to 12 hours weekly       3 to 5 days weekly

Dance Department

Over ten (10) years ago Carol and Linda launched the ‘Petite Rising Stars Program,’ a creative dance program specifically designed to meet the needs of the very young dancer, ages 2 to 6. This program and staff endeavor to inspire and educate these imaginative minds.  The commitment to making all Starlet dancers feel safe, comfortable and confident in the studio and educational setting is of utmost importance.  Our goal is to create a ‘safe haven for dancers’, an environment that is nurturing and positive, so that learning and growing can develop and the dance process can begin!
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